Let’s talk about us

So let’s start with you. Our customers are the reason that we are here and the key element to our team.

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It’s all about the heat

We are not glamorous celebrity hairdressers, you may or may not be shocked to hear. Our history is all about hair straighteners…..you perhaps think that you are obsessed with hair your straighteners? But honestly… we have a problem.

Our whole world revolves around them.  After retailing and even repairing leading brands, we began to start selling hair products too. With various ranges in stock we tried to sell as many linked to heat styling as we could. It made perfect sense, after all, if you were coming to see us it’s because you own a pair of hair straighteners.

We had been selling water?!

One quiet afternoon we sat and talked about how many people use the heat protection that we sold. Does it actually do anything though, we asked ourselves. Opinions varied, but most people would be upfront enough to say that the hair protection sprays on the market didn’t seem to be doing a great deal at all… other than offering peace of mind.

So we looked into the ingredients and became obsessed about what we found. All of the brands that we researched had the word ‘Aqua’ as one of the main ingredients in their heat protection sprays. Surely not? People don’t heat style their hair when it’s wet, so why would ‘aqua’ be of any use in a protection spray? We had been selling water, with added vitamins and a few ingredients that were only moisturising hair.


We went out and found every hair protection product available. Many were top end brands and market leaders. The trend continued….80% were water based. The other 20% were oil product, which were heavy and greasy for most hair types.


Heat activated shine

From the simple ideas above we had now started to look for a way to create a heat styling spray that actually does something. It needed to protect…. and properly. Even more importantly it needed to be great and make a noticeable difference to hair….. heat activated shine was our big idea….but was this possible?

It takes time

We needed to know everything. We needed experts on board so that we could create a great product for you, our customer.  We sourced a group of great stylists to help us with development, a manufacturing specialist to help us creatively and practically and a seriously clever team that knew everything about science and formulations.

Celsius is born

We have created a spray that you will love. To find out more about it please have a look around the website. For the first time ever people will notice that you are using a spray with your heat tools.


The reviews that we are getting speak for themselves.

As we move forward

So that’s our story, kept as short as we could for you. We again thank you for visiting and we would love your feedback about our product. As well as promoting the spray, we are also busy planning and developing the next products. Other sprays and products are on their way. As part of the Celsius family we also invite any customers to have their say on this too. So contact us at [email protected] or drop a post on our social media sites with any suggestions that you may have.

Customers are desperately wanting to buy Celsius in their local salons. If you are a salon owner please see our become a stockist page.