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13th April 2016Charli B

6th April 2016All Things Natasha

5th April 2016Diary of a Beauty Junkie


20th April 2016 – Thank you you have made the best heat spray ever!! Hair feels & looks so much better & mmmm the smell

15th April 2016 – Can’t get enough of my Heat Spray, hair is shiny, smooth, soft & in much better condition

11th April 2016 –  excellent hair product beats all others I’ve used in the past

2nd April 2016 – Loving my Heat Protection Spray! My hair feels soft & smells amazing!


15th April 2016 –

If you’re looking for a heat protection spray that makes your hair super soft, shiny, smooth and smells incredible… Celsius Heat Protection is the one for you! I wouldn’t even think of using any other product. I even have more confidence knowing my hair looks so good!100% recommend

13th April 2016

I’m a hair stylist and I have been lucky enough to try this product before its release . I would definitely recommend it to the professionals and the non professionals , it’s the first product of its kind with protection against heat and also as a finishing shine spray ! My clients liked it and said their hair smelled nice all day with it too . Everyone wants to use heat on their hair these days whether it be tongs , straighteners , rollers etc and this is an ideal product for keeping the hair healthy while doing so . Clients with lighter hair colours such as blonde and grey struggle to get a shine to their hair so again this product is great for a long lasting shine without making it greasy or sticky !! Try it !

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2nd May 2016

This is absolutely incredible! I can’t believe that this product isn’t all over the place. My hair feels incredible, soft, smooth and protected. It has a sweet raspberry scent so thumbs up from me 🙂 I wouldn’t use anything else now. After using this my hair is in such better condition and I can’t wait to use it each time I use my straighteners.