Why Use Heat Protection Spray At All?

Heat styling tools such as curling tongs and hair straighteners reach around 200c on average. Many stylers now have a temperature control feature which takes them between 100c and 220c. Some can even reach a burning hot 230c. Your hair needs protection from such heats to avoid dryness and breakage.

What is in Heat Protection Sprays?

Celsius is different and we will tell you why towards the bottom of this page. First lets have a look at the other protection sprays on the market…

We took 20 different brands of heat protection spray and looked at the ingredients. From supermarket brands….. to the leading salon professional brand.

80% had WATER as their main ingredient (“Aqua”)

20% were OIL based


“Aqua” Based Heat Protection Sprays

These are by far the most common type found on the market….and the best sellers.

Water boils at 100c. So when using tools, that are double the temperature, there is no wonder that you get a sizzling sound as you style your hair. The water content evaporates away leaving the rest of the ingredients to try and rescue your hair that has just been cooked. This sometimes (not always) leaves residue behind that is left sitting on the surface of the hair.

We believe that such products offer little protection from extreme heat. Although they may be good when blow drying, we can’t see the benefit of using them before tasks such as hair straightening.

You wouldn’t straighten your hair when its wet would you?

Oil Based Heat Protection Sprays

Not as common but with a lot of users and a wide variety of brands still to choose from. Oils come in a variety of types and pureness, so it’s hard to quote exact temperature properties.

Let’s take the average oils found in such products. Their smoking point, in comparison to waters boiling point, is much higher. Normally around 185-240c. Incidentally, this is around the same temperature range as your average hair straightener. This means that they do perhaps offer a little more heat protection to hair than water products. We found that you pay for what you get and the lower cost oil sprays are more likely to fry than protect in the long term.

Oil sprays are heavy on the hair and often weigh thinner hair down. They are also commonly known for making most hair types greasy when used over a period of time.

Celsius Hair Heat Protection Spray

We took everything we know and put it into a spray that differs from all of the above. Celsius contains NO WATER and NO OILS.

Our spray has been formulated to be light weight and offer the best extreme heat protection possible. It does this in a way that doesn’t weigh hair down or make it greasy. A little goes a long way and our mist spray trigger helps achieve perfect distribution.

Some of our Ingredients…

Cyclomethicone gives the hair a silky-smooth feel when deposited into the hair. When heat is applied it instantly locks in your hairs natural moisture and nutrients. This promotes long term health of the hair, preventing dryness and breakage.

Dimethicone is used in conditioners and detangling products to help smooth hair and provide easier “comb-through.” Because it coats the strands, it can also make your hair appear shinier after styling.

Both of these key ingredients work by covering the hair with a thin, waterproof, heat-resistant coating. This serves three main purposes:

1. It helps reduce the porosity of the hair. This forced reduction makes the hair less likely to be affected by humidity after heat styling.

2. It helps reduce moisture loss from the inside the hair. There are several things that can cause loss of moisture such as dehydration, use of bleaching agents in color processing or over exposure to harmful elements like sun or chlorine-treated water.

3. It lubricates the surface of the hair; meaning your hair will feel smoother and detangle easier.

Heat Activated Shine is our combination of the above and our other ingredients that work with the heat of your styling tool. The laminating effect emits a beautiful shine without grease or weighing down your hair. As well as it’s protecting properties, this helps eliminate split ends and flyaway hair.

Our spray has a zero hold factor so hair looks naturally healthy and with no residue build up commonly found by using holding sprays with heat tools.

We finish off the ingredients with a beautifully mild raspberry scent to leave hair smelling as good as it looks.